Bovine TB Free in the Cotswolds

Following our recent Bovine TB test which we had recently here in the Cotswolds when our vet arrived very early and proceded with the test.  This involves clipping and taking skin measurements before injecting all our eligible cattle with avian and bovine TB, each animal having to be put up a cattle race and into a crush to hold them still, all of which is very stressful especially for the very young and very old not including the human element.  The vet returned on Saturday morning to “read” the test – no long bank holiday weekend for us sadly.  However, after checking each animal and measuring again we were relieved to be given the all clear, not even an inconclusive, which was great news and a huge relief to all concerned, not least the animals. Hopefully we will not have to test again for either six or twelve months (depending on how the rules change in the meantime), we will no doubt be receiving notification from Animal Plant and Health Agency with further instructions.

Fortunately for this little chap he was too young to be tested but next time will be his turn.  We can now get our cows and calves moved away to pastures new and in fact most of them will be going down to a farm near Bourton-on-the-Water, one of the Cotswolds best villages with so much to do for all ages and a favourite place for my guests to visit


Life Goes On


Once we have got our cows and calves out they will thrive on the grass, growing and getting their summer coats on and blooming.  Our sheds will be empty and the cycle starts again.  This is our harvest and so far this year it has been a good one.  All we need now is for the british public to seriously support uk british farmers and find your local supplier of british beef and as a farmers wife suggest you check out the following link to see just what we get up to. and how we promote one of our best natural products money can buy.