New Local Suppliers

With the 2018 season really getting underway here in the Cotswolds I have been forging links with some great local suppliers.  I will be leaving some tasty welcome goodies to surprise my guests with when they get to the Cottages.  We are so lucky to have such an array of amazing farmers and producers and local artisan bakers that the choice is immense.  However, I am really happy to be linked with Bensons the Juicers and am sure my guests will love the selection they have when they arrive. Our friend and local egg producer Darren, otherwise known as Billy has a hugely successful egg business supplying many local businesses including us now.  My guests can go to Billy’s Eggs and buy more if the are near Stow on the Wold and if you want a coffee then the choice of coffee houses and tea rooms will mean that several visits might be needed.   Look out for Very Vanilla cakes and pastries in the New England Coffee House.

Cotswolds Lambing Live 2018

April brings our lambing season, our main harvest, which hopefully having had them all scanned will be very productive.  We just need the weather to dry up and the sun to come out otherwise it won’t be too much fun sqCotswold Lambuelching around in the mud.  Staff due to arrive imminently so will be busy baking and cooking for the crew to keep them nourished and able to cope with the workload here in the Cotswolds.  I am definitely going to be using  Mary Berry’s Best Apple Cake Recipe.

We are always glad to let our guests bring their children down to the “shed” where they can see and learn what really goes on down on the farm.  Life and death happens and we don’t sugar coat it in any way shape or form.  I firmly believe that real life is the best teacher there is.  Over the years we have had lots of children eager to see how the lambs are progressing and the excitement in their faces shows it all.  Cuddling a little lamb just makes the day and sometimes when things are not going so well it makes it all worthwhile when you see the smile and gentle affection shown by a child who has never held such a delicate little animal before.

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Lambs in Jackets

This year, due to the very wet weather we have used lamb jackets for the very first time.  Hopefully the mums will still be able to recognise their babies, but at least they should be dry in their little coats as we do have to get them turned out regardless of the weather.  Ironic that lambs number one were the first to try these great little things out.

Getting up to date with GDPR

I have been working on my mailing list and trying to get up to date with the General Data Protection Rules which are coming into place very soon.  I have at least done my PRIVACY POLICY and am updating all my contacts so hopefully I am complying and should not get into trouble with anyone!!!  You can sign up again here if you wish so please do or share with your friends and family to spread the word.

All that remains to say is to wish everyone a Happy Easter Holiday and lets hope the sun comes out and spring arrives very soon.