Lambing Live in the Cotswolds

IMG_2540WIth January nearly over we will be having a visit from our sheep scanner on the 5th of February to scan all our ewes to see how many lambs we will be expecting in April. This is useful so that we can separate the ewes that are having three or more for special care while the ones only having one lamb will not get too much extra food as the lambs will grow too big and we will have problems when they come to be born.  Those with twins inside them will get just the right amount of food to grow the lambs enough and make sure the ewes have enough milk when they are born. The Cotswolds were built on sheep and their wool and we are happy to be continuing this stock tradition here at Langley, although the wool barely covers the cost of the shearers, we have seen good prices for our fat lambs which we sold just before Christmas.