At a recent social media workshop with Hilary at Push Start Marketing we had a discussion about whether or not to enter a local business award, the WOBA’s to be precise, but my initial reaction was absolutely not.  Why would I burden myself with yet more work when I cannot even find time to keep up with various jobs, social media, my blog, let alone my everyday life which seems to chase me each day without ever catching up.  Anyway, we had another very useful session and came back to this little question, and Hilary pointed me in the direction of a blog that they had done “Once bitten … Why WOBA?” and as part of my homework (yes I do get given homework and yes I am doing it at the last minute but not quite on the bus before our next meeting) was to write and publish another blog to include this prickly subject of entering business awards!

Well I have just spent the last hour not only reading Push Start’s blog again but another more recent one “Its WOBA Season but why should you care” and this contained one of my favourite sayings JUST DO IT, you’re worth it, something I was always saying to my children which is not the ideal comparison I know but it certainly rang a bell with me.  Why shouldn’t I just do it, what have I got to lose and it will certainly make me look at my business which does tick along nicely, but, with a possible expansion happening next year perhaps now is the time to look inwards and see where we are going and how we can improve and be better placed to expand if we so wish.

Consequently this blog is taking some time to write as I have now been on the WOBA site and had a look at the terms and conditions, different categories and I have downloaded the awards entry form for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Award which I might actually enter, well there can be no harm in it after all and the form was not too frightening or long winded and I might even find time to fill it in and who knows I might even get shortlisted, then I can panic and wonder what on earth I am going to say if questions follow!  I do remember Hilary saying something about one session would cover it all or did I imagine that?

Study Area

As they say watch this space.